Friday, 22nd March 2019

Advert options for Rainbow Nation

Options available

With over 800,000 advert impressions a month we can offer advertisers 4 main options to maximise their reach to their target audience. This is achieved by using one of the following target options:

Run of the site

The Run of Site (ROS) option delivers the broadest reach and maximum visibility. Advertisers can receive exposure on all pages within the site.

Advertisers who seek the broadest exposure and want to pursue branding opportunities should consider the Run of Site option. The full complement of adverting types (banners, buttons, sky-scrappers, text and premium content) is available with this option.

Run of a Channel

The Run of Channel (ROC) option allows an advertiser to target a campaign on specific section within the site.  Sample channels include :

Run of Geography

The Run of Geography (ROG) option allows an advertiser to target a campaign based on the geographic nature of the content.  Current geographies we have include:


As with the Run of Site, Channel and Geographic options each area can be sponsored by the advertiser.  The sponsorship option provides an excellent way of branding a particular piece of content with the advertisers name.

Sponsored pages all have a graphical element above and below the content to clearly show that this area is sponsored by the advertiser.  In addition an advertorial can also be written so the audience can get more information on the sponsor before proceeding to their site.

Next Steps

If you would like to receive a quote for your specific advertising needs please send us your details by requesting an advertising quote.