Friday, 22nd March 2019

Technical Specifications for Rainbow Nation


The types of adverts that the site can accommodate include the following:

The site can handle the following formats for artwork: GIF, PNG, JPG, Flash, SVG, Text and HTML


Every page on the site has a placeholder for a top of page banner.

The specifications for banners are:
Dimensions: 468(w) X 60(h) pixels
Location: Above the fold
Formats: GIF, JPEG, Flash or HTML
File Size: Up to a maximum of 10Kb


Buttons are available at the top of page and on the left or right side of the content.

The button technical specifications are:
Dimensions: 120(w) X 120(h) pixels
Location: Top of Page or Sidebar
Formats: GIF or JPEG
File Size: Up to a maximum of 6kb

Vertical Banners

Vertical Banners appear below the left hand side buttons.

The specifications of a vertical banner are:
Dimensions: 120(w) X 260(h) pixels
Location: Sidebar
Formats: GIF, JPEG, or HTML
File Size: Up to 15kb

Notes for advertisers

Next steps

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