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Directory of South African Nutrition websites

Web Sites

Optimum Health
Optimum Lifestyle Naturally is a young vibrant, dynamic, exciting and innovative network marketing company, founded in South Africa and is dedicated to providing excellent products, unmatched customer service and opportunity for all people to improve their lifestyles.
Organic Meat
Totally natural beef, biltong and droewors.
Health and lifestyle.
Oxygen For Life
Nutritional supplements and health products.
P2Life (Pty) Ltd is a health and performance company. P2Life sells nutritional products as well as life-skills and self development products.
Panalt - Adult Phyto Nutrients
Chinese brown erectile dysfunction pill - Works in 20 minutes and lasts for up to 72 hours per dose.
Panalt Femme
Female supplements.
Panalt Vigour
Health products.
Herbal Nutrients.
Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil
South Africa supplier of Omega-3 PGFO fish oil capsules.
Proform - Advanced Nutrition
Nutritional sport supplements for all athletes. From fat burners to muscle builders to meal replacement powders. Elite products that works big time.
purificare water purifiers
domestic water purifying systems for healthy drinking water
Quality Water for Quality Life
Water filtration and purification systems for home and commercial use.
Rio Largo Olive Estate
Rio Largo is an olive and wine farm in Scherpenheuwel, in one of the subdivisions of the Karoo.
Rockhealth Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
A range of vitamin and mineral supplements made from natural extracts which have powerful health benefits.
Sally Tarlton
Qualified,registered and experienced dietician.
Serenity Lifestyle
A selection of high quality imported amd localy produced products that will enhance and sustain your lifestyle (x tend, penis enlargement, snoreing, serenity, hair care, eye care, lip care, no sun, horny goat weed, marc daniels).
Seven Point Five
Manufactures and distributes fine nutritional supplements. We also pioneered Live Blood Analysis.
Shape Your Life
Start your day with the best food available for a great day ahead. Boosts your energy levels, quickstarts your meatabolism , provides energy and vitality.
Slender Wonder
Slender Wonder
South African Sports nutrition experts sports dieticians weight management
Weight management Nutrition and Healthy eating dietitians South Africa. Sports nutrition dietitians South Africa
Using patented FoodState technology and micro-nutrient supplements.
Sunshine Vitamins
Health products. Perfectly balanced & high dosage vitamins & health products to alleviate any condition.
Supplement Express
Supplements, vitamins and nutrition needs for the entire family. From health and fitness to professional sports nutrition advice, we have it all.
Sure Health
Swiss Herbs
Established in August 2000 as a family business, under the care and supervision of Sonya and Rolf Ruegg.
Swissgarde Health and Beauty
A leading international network Marketing company, specialising in health and beauty products.
The Chocolate Tree
The name that's synonymous with health, innovation and quality, is one of South Africa's leading manufacturers of high quality health food products.
The Essential Herb Garden
A formal herb garden with herbs laid out in a uniform design is a fun project if you have the space and gives you the opportunity of growing many different herbs.
The Health Store
Health, wellness and beauty.
The Health Zone
Weight management and good nutrition.
The Herbal Shop
Weight loss, weight management and nutritional products.
The Herbology & Optimum Nutrition & Education Institute
SA's leading training in herbology and optimal nutrition.
The Lekker Food Co
Manufacturers of quicky, a convenient, low glycemic index, wheat free, dairy free snack bar.
TLC - Lifestyle Clinic
For rapid fatloss and well being through nutririon.
A wellness centre situated in Hillcrest with other centres around the world.
Top quality supplements at the lowest prices
Performance Supplements ,buy top quality supplements Online at Low Prices, icludes Bodybuilding training books, bodybuidling training dvd's.
Ultimate Physique
Health and fitness.
Ultimate Sports Nutrition
USN provides you with all the information you need on Nutrition (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) and training.
Value Added Living
Health Suppliments.
Vital Health Foods
Good health is Vital. Your site for vital health information!
Vitamin Supplement
Looking for more Vitamin Supplement information on health food vitamins likes Vitamin C, B12, E, D, B and others? is your all i
Water purifier that improves your water quality for pure water. It removes chlorine, reduces bacteria, adds minerals, stabalizes pH level and more.
Water Distillers by E.T. Enterprises
We supply & provide a back-up service with info & a full range of spares & consumables.
Water Filtration
Water Filters using Reverse Osmosis and Bio Ceramic.
Waterberg Spring Water
Still, sparkling and flavoured spring water.
S.A's no.1 weight management company. Weigh-Less will not only help you lose weight, but also help you to live a life of complete well-being.
Wellness 4 U
Start your own wellness business.
Wellness Link
Maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy weight. Learn how to loose or gain weight the healthy way. We can assist you for overall wellbeing.
Nutrition and wellness.
Health and nutrition.
Weight managment and wellness.
Wilson's Olive Oil
A food packer, agent and distributor, based in Cape Town.
Youth Ways
Age reversal, gym supplements.
A Healthier World for Barleylife
Barleylife, the world's favourite green juice, all the information and wholesale prices.
Above and Beyond Wellness
Barleygreen helps with mental clarity, digestion, detoxification, cardiovascular support, delay effect of aging, constipation, breast cancer
Africa Oils - Dandelion Coffee
Dandelion coffee, essential oils, base oils, ethanol, diesel.
Buy the Best Quality African Herbs from Afrigetics. African Herbs are Potent Tonics for Health and Wellbeing.
Alternate Root
Buy and order Herbalife online at the cheapest price. - your passport to Zest for Life vitamins and supplements
Special formulas of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, trace, elements, adaptogens, antioxidants, creatine, etc. on sale.
Barleylife in South Africa
Buy Barleylife online at the best wholesale prices in South Africa.
Be Healthy Be Nutriwize
Health and nutrition.
Best Weight Loss
We specialize in correcting the imbalance caused by poor eating habits.
Biggest Loser Videos
Watch your favourite Biggest Loser.
Brain Tonic dietary supplements for the mind.
Supplements for ADHD, memory, stress reduction, mental side of sports, peak mental performance and brain maintenance and nutrition.
Brilliant Health Support
Inner and outer nutrition.
Caring Candies - Sugar-free Candy WITHOUT Artificial Sweeteners
Sugar-free Candies without Artificial Sweeteners - ideal for Diabetics, Hyperactive Children, Candida-sufferers, Hypoglycaemics, Slimmers, the Health
Champion Nutrition SA
Imported nutrition products related to the bodybuilding and endurance market.
Complete Nutrition Solutions
Specialists in nutrition and wellness bringing cutting edge nutrition information to the corporate environment.
Diabetic Control Shake
A unique formulation is designed to prevent both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, while providing valuable nutritional support.
EAS Performance Nutrition
EAS supplements, distributed in Southern Africa by Nutrition Evolution.
Essential Herbal Food Supplements
Herbal food supplementation improving liver function, relieving gout, improving sleep, boosting the immune system, sex drive, sexual organs and firming breasts.
Eureka Meulens
High-quality, locally-produced premium stone ground flour. No additives, preservatives or chemicals. Naturally rich in fibre, wholesome and nutritious.
The permanent slimming solution for all.
Evox Advanced Nutrition
Suppliers of scientific nutritional supplements and information for improvemnts in physique and sports performance
FLEX Nutrition South Africa
Provides a wide variety of nutritional supplements to the sporting community, including micronized creatine and protein powders.
Food Capers
Offer a healthy & convenient meal plan that is delivered to your door.
food for africa nutrition
Food Africa supplies nutritional and health food supplement to help combat starvation in Africa
Gastric Banding by Grant Dewar
Laparoscopic Gastric Banding surgery for obesity done by Dr Grant Dewar, a South African surgeon with many years operating and laparoscopic experience.
Advanced nutritional food formula.
Natural health products, wholefoods, barleygreen, herbal fiberblend, just carrots and renewed balance natural progesterone for whole body health.
Global Energetics
Vitamin supplement supply online by the leaders in nutritional products throughout SA.
Global Nutritional Manufacturing
Manufacturer of pharmaceutical and neutraceutical products.
Glycemic Index & healthy nutrition
Expert advise on Glycemic Index, weight management, nutrition for medical conditions & recipe books to assist in health nutrition.
The sugars that enable communication between cells. They stimulate the body's production of healing stem cells.
Glyconutrients for cancer and leukemia cures.
A directory of organic food growers, farmers, producers, shops, markets, wholesalers, distributors, eateries, delis, caterers and organic consultants.
Goji Health
goji health provides the goji berry which is grown in china and said to give longevity
Health Express
Not only do we prepare and deliver the food....We live by it.
Health in Natural Product Supplements -
Sustaining Healthy Lifestyles through Natural Products
Health Line
Dietician, health, weight loss, healthy mind and much more.
Health Seekers
A formula for living a healthier and longer life
Healths Bells
South African herbal products.
Healthy Cells
vitamins, supplements available online everyday through Healthy Cells, leaders in alternative, natural healing and glyconutrients supply throughout SA
Healthy Change
Lose weight with proven products. Join millions of satisfied customers in 65 Countries.
Healthy Days
If it is time for you to get healthy, lose weight, boost your immune system, concentration or energy levels, look no further.
A supplier of organic, cold-pressed Hemp seed oils & Hemp based products - to health shops, pharmacies, chiro's, aromatherapists & vets.
Herb Shop
Complimentary medicine, natural remedies online, herbal medicines.
Herbal Fiberblend
Natural Herbs and Dietary Fiberblend for cleansing and detoxification, weight loss, healthy digestion and whole body health.
Herbal Remedies
Herbal Remedies Resource.
Herbal Wellness
Producers of unique, world-class fortified tinctures including Olive leaf.
Herbalife Independent Distributor Online
Herbalife products shipping anywhere in South Africa.
Herbal products and supplements for the whole family. Loose weight and keep it off. Good for fitness and health. Use with training programme.
Fast and effective weight loss.
Holistix Health Treatments
Sales of holistic health remedies.
Your health in all aspects.
Il Hwa Korean Ginseng - Mineral and Vitamin Replenishing Tea
Health site about healing properties of mineral-rich Il Hwa Korean Ginseng tea and supplement.
Irie Hemp
Distributor and manufacturer of organic hemp seed oil products.
The First Functional Gourmet Coffee formulated to help you lose fat, increase metabolism and reach your fitness goals.
Jeske Wellmann
Professional nutritional advice in Bryanston and Randpark Ridge, specializing in Arthritis, AD(H)D, Candida (Trush), Cancer, etc.
A range of products formulated to meet the needs of the modern lifestyle.
Khuphukani Products
Fulcrum is a powdered drink blend of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and food substances.
Komati Foods
All nuts and dried fruits are of the highest quality. We only purchase the best available.
Kombucha and Nutritional Supplements
An online catalogue for Health Synergetics C.C, specialising in Kombucha and nutritional supplements and eco-products.
Lesvos Marketing
Greek products imported from fresh natural and traditional products such as a large variety of Greek Olives, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Technology for the professional, health & wellness. LifeMax offer a wide range of leading international brands for a turnkey solution to your health and wellness assessment needs including body composition analysis, resting metabolic rate and much more.
Lighthouse Pharma
Top quality nutraceutical products ranging from particular disease conditions to general wellness.
Long Term Weight Loss
Lose weight program.
Long term weight loss
Weight loss and weight gain the natural healthy way restoring health and vitality. Sports nutrition and general wellbeing for all. Get a free body an
Look Good Feel Good
Our results speak for themselves, weightloss and health products. Lose weight, gain energy and stay healthy. All natural and doctor recommended.
Manage your weight, Look Great
Natural approach to weight loss and gerneral health and nutrition
Online dieting and healthy slimming weight loss in South Africa.
MAT-Rx Nutrition Systems
Online nutrition systems for advanced nutrition and supplementation.
Medical Nutritional Institute
We develop personal lifestyle programmes and medication that assists patients to deal with excess body weight and its associated medical and psychological complications.
Millbrook Cold Pressed Oils
Use Millbrook cold pressed oils in your diet to enhance wellness, prevent disease and as a nutritional adjunctive treatment to cure disease.
Mistic, for Advanced Technology with Incredible Results, Best Quality Products
Mistic, we sell Products for Inner- and Outer Body Care, Household Products, vitamins, antioxidants, and much more...
For a wide variety of products to help you with your bodybuilding, training and slimming needs.
My Herbalife Shop
100% Natural Herbalife Products. Inteligent nutrition for the whole family.
Natural Health Products
Wholefoods, barleygreen, herbal fibreblend, just carrots, renewed balance, natural progesterone for whole body health.
Natural Nutrition
A holistic approach to human healthcare. Its purpose is to orientate the visitor towards a natural whole food diet and balanced lifestyle.
Natural Remedies Resource
Natural Remedies.
Naturally Goji South Africa
A supplier of premium quality Goji Berries.
Nature Life SA
Distributors of a range of health, nutrition and beauty products.
Nestlé Nutrition Institute Africa
NNIA aims to facilitate and foster the development, application, and communication of research and understanding of nutrition at all stages of life.
Nurture Line Pet Care
We manufacture a range of high quality, natural nutritional supplements for dogs and horses.
Nutrition And Lifestyle Consultancy
Optimizing health through education.
Optimum Biochemical Nutrition
The natural way of stabilising blood sugar.
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