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Directory of South African Attorneys, Legal & Investigative Services websites

Web Sites

ARIPO Patent, Trademark and Design registrations
Specializing in ARIPO patent, trademark & design registrations. Intellectual property practitioners based in Zimbabwe.
Polygraph & Lie Detector Tests
Polygraph, lie detection, truth verification and investigations.
Armstrongs Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers
Corporate law firm in Botswana.
Polygraph and Voice Stress Association of SA
To establish truth, to expose deception & dishonesty, to promote ongoing training & research for & by its members, to utilise any reliable, validated & accurate technology or technique in the quest for truth, to maintain high levels of ethics & professionalism.
Arthur E. Abrahams & Gross - Attorneys,
South African law firm experienced in all fields of law since 1935.
Polygraph Assessment Services
Polygraph testing - forensic polygraph examination.
Association Agreement for Close Corporations and Members
This sample is provided as a rough guide only. It should not be substituted for current legal counsel on this matter.
Polygraph Association of South Africa
Polygraph Information and related topics, including a list of accredited Polygraph examiners in South Africa.
Asterfly Technologies Holdings
Debt recovery solutions.
Polygraph Inquiries
We investigate anything from theft, hijacking and fraud to various other criminal activities.
Attorney - Waldemar Strauss
Waldemar Strauss, practising attorney in Schweizer Reneke and surrounding areas; praktiserende prokureur in Schweizer Reneke en omgewing.
Polygraph Truth Investigations
Polygraph, forensic, forensic psychophysiology, phsychophysiolgist, lie detector, honesty, liar, lying, polygraph test, investigations, truth, pneumog.
Attorney and Law Firm Search Engine in SA
Search for law firms or attorneys by name / speciality / language and area.
Practical Guide on Sentence
The aim of this guide is to enhance ex tempore judgments and or off-the-cuff addresses.
Attorney Pretoria
Professional legal advice on the internet.
Prior & Prior
Attorneys, notaries and conveyancers.
Attorneys Nel & Stevens
A general attorneys practice in KwaZulu-Natal specialising in personal injury claims, conveyancing, criminal law, civil law.
Privacy South Africa
Privacy considerations for South Africans, including sites that publish private or unlisted information, and how to get de-listed.
Attorneys Peter A Papadopulo
Attorneys specialising in Close Corporations and Companies - Shelf CC's and Companies
Private Metallurgical Investigations
Accident investigations services based in Pretoria.
Attorneys South Africa : Cape Town Commercial Law Firm
Cape Town based law firm in South Africa, dealing primarily with commercial law.
Profiler Risk Solutions
Private Investigator
Attorneys Startpage
Your Startpage to help you find the type of attorney you need
South African conveyancing and property law.
A South African legal portal with legal advice, attorney directory and downloadable legal forms.
Ptconsulting (Persens & Titus cc)
A South African based law firm and financial consultancy.
Conveyancing Experts
A personal injury compensation claims company dealing in road accidents, third party claim investigations based in Cape Town.
Austin Jordaan
Lawyers and conveyancers specialising in MVA, Third Party, Conveyencing, Personal Injury and Property Law.
Professionele elektroniese regsadvies in 'n kits
Austin Jordaan
law, attorneys, lawyers, court, property, Austin, Jordaan
Residence Permit
All temporary and permanent residence permits in South Africa.
Baartman, Bosman And Van Rensburg
Attorneys and conveyancers.
Rob Menzies & Associates
A firm of Attorneys, Conveyancers & notaries in Durban, South
Bad Debts
Free credit record search.
Roland Darroll
For any legal requirements come to Roland Darroll.
Bardien & Higgins
A Cape Town based law firm distinguishes itself by it's professionalism, integrity and responsiveness to client's needs.
Rooth & Wessels
Strives to excel in providing a comprehensive service to all its South African and international clients without fear or favour.
Barkers Attorneys
A law firm providing professional legal services in South Africa.
Roscher Coetzee & Nortje inc
Attorneys, conveyancers, notaries & administrators of estates.
Bax Kaplan & Mbandazayo Attorney's
Attorneys, notaries and conveyancing in the Eastern Cape.
S A Management
Security, investigations, detectives, polygraph, forensics, fraud, fingerprints, surveillance, etc.
Bentley Attorneys
A well established Durban based firm of commercial attorneys.
S. Niselow Attorneys
Johannesburg lawyer S. Niselow Attorneys for divorce and immigration law South Africa.
Bentley Credit Control
Debt collection firm allowing online handovers of bad debt problems. Situated in Durban, South Africa.
SA Conveyancing
A Conveyancing is the best online conveyance market in South Africa , in terms of policy, service and consistent delivery.
Bowman Gilfillan Hayman Godfrey Inc. Attorneys,
SA Employment Law Services
LabourWise specialists in labour laws, ccma, South Africa labour relations act, labour relations, employment information, acts, bills.
Bisset Boehmke
Attorneys, notaries & conveyancers experienced in commercial law, litigation, property law, deceased estates and trusts, offering legal services.
Savage Jooste & Adams Attorneys
One of South Africa's most prominent law firms, based in Pretoria.
BK&M Attorneys
Offices in Rosebank, Johannesburg, offers services including general litigation and dispute resolution, risk management, commercial, construction
Scheibert & Associates
Attorneys, lawyers in Cape Town - South Africa. We provide a comprehensive range of legal services for clients locally and worldwide.
Black Conveyancers Association
Formed in May 2005 in response to the historical inequalities in the conveyancing industry.
Scorpion Legal Protection
Legal insurance to ensure that your rights are protected.
Get your money back. Blacklist them!
Shepstone & Wylie
Top law firm in South Africa offering specialised legal and other services. Shepstone & Wylie has 30 partners and offices in Durban, CT & London.
Boshoff Attorneys
A young, dynamic firm specializing in property development.
shg Expect the Unexpected
South Africa's leading tax law firm, committed to BEE.
Botha Farrell Incorporated
Law firm spicailizing in aviation law and contracts as well as conveyancing
Shireen Ahmed-Kagee Attorneys
A black firm headed by a highly qualified Attorney Conveyance and Notary.
Bove Attorneys
Attorneys at law, legal services for lawyers.
Sibanda & Zantwijk Attorneys
A South African law firm that specialises in the commercialisation, taxation, valuation and financing of intellectual property.
Law 2.0 and what not.
Sloan Wilson & Associates Incorporated
We specialise in conveyancing and property law, transfer of ownership in property.
Bregman Mitchley Attorneys
Johannesburg attorneys taking the sting out of the law.
Software Escrow
As one of South Africa’s oldest and largest law firms, Bowman Gilfillan is a reliable partner in whom you can trust.
Briesch Compliance
Legal, medical, insurance, pension, maritime, compliance, marine polution, port security consultation and advice.
Solly Epstein Liquor Licencing
Attorneys and liquor licencing lawyers.
Brown, Braude & Vlok
Port Elizabeth attorneys, notaries and conveyancers.
South Africa Law & Government
International LawResearch: South Africa three branchs of government
Browne, Brodie & Co. Attorneys
A firm of Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers based in Durban, South Africa.
South Africa-Investor's
Investor’s Guide to Business Law and Trade.
Buchanan Boyes Attorneys
At Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes we understand our clients' needs and objectives, we strive to deliver cost-effective legal solutions to their business.
South African Fraud Consultants
Fraud consulting in South Africa.
Burden & Swart Attorneys
For your every legal need!
South African Vehicle Accidents
Read all about South African road accidents. Do you think a mechanical failure caused the accident you were involved in? read more..
Burgers Immigration Attorneys
Immigration Attorneys - Contact Us.
Spector Attorneys
Spector Attorneys is a South African law firm specializing in Asset Protection Strategies; Offshore Planning; Offshore Trusts, and Estate Planning.
Buys Incorporated
Buys Inc. is a law firm in the Western Cape focusing on internet, media and Intellectual Property (IP) law.
Spencer Pitman Inc
Best small law firm in Cape Town.
Buzz It
Collection of arrear child support from maintenance defaulters.
Spencer Tarr Malan Geyer
A well established law firm serving Johannesburg, South Africa, specialising in MVA personal injuries, litigation etc.
General legal advice and services
Spy Shop
Bugging and debugging products and services.
C J Ballan Inc Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer Knysna Western Cape South Africa
Firm specialises in property development, labour law, commercial law, farm evictions, collections, general litigation and estates.
St Adens International Insolvency Practitioners
One of the leading insolvency practitioners in South Africa.
CAL - Labour Arbitration Center
The first institution in Mozambique designed to handle disputes in the field of labour law.
Steele Attorneys
Specialists in the field of employment law.
Cameron Cross Inc.
Environmental law specialists.
Stegmanns Attorneys
Stegmanns Attorneys have specialized knowledge in Constitutional Law, Labour Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Carel Smit Patent Attorneys
Carel Smit Patent Attorneys.
Stowell & Co.
Attorneys, Notaries Public, and Conveyancers based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
Carrow's South African Law Links
Compilation of useful links assembled by a Californian trial lawyer, English barrister.
Strauss Scher Attorneys, Notaries, & Con
Property Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyencers
Case Law
An online searchable database of Labour Appeal Court, Labour Court Judgments and CCMA Awards - updated daily.
Stroh Coetzee Inc
Cecil Greenfield
Questioned document examiner and handwriting analyst.
The Debt Collection Specialists
We recover your debt, trace assets, make sure the ex pays maintanance and provide VIP protection.
Centre for Criminal Justice
Justice and human rights through the law and legal system in South Africa, aiding an accessible criminal justice system.
The Fohla Security Group - One-Stop Risk Management, Security & Investigatio
Fohla Security - Your One-Stop Risk Management, Security and Investigation Shop
Chapman & Co Attorneys
A leading South African firm of attorneys offering specialist corporate, commercial and business transaction law services.
The Key to Government Corruption
A South African perspective with global applicability. Order this innovative book now online.
Charl Roux Botha Attorneys
Attorneys at law.
The South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law
The South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law represents patents and trade marks lawyers in South Africa
Chlid Witness
Research and training institute.
Themis Legal Chambers
Offers a variety of services, from litigation, arbitration, commercial consultants, contracts, administration of estates.
Christian Botha Investigations cc
Private investigator specialising in missing persons - murders - fraud etc. All with utmost dedication and professionalism at all times.
Theo Potgieter Labour Law
Labour Law and Attorney.
Paul du Plessis is an experienced personal Injury and general claims attorney with an enviable track record built up over many years.
Third Party Claims - Derde Party Eise
Submit your third party claim and let me do the rest.
With a membership of over 200 attorneys, advocates, legal advisors and other corporate members CLASA is, in a way, the biggest law firm in South Africa.
Thomson Wilks
Attorneys, notaries and conveyanvers.
Cliffe Dekker Inc
A leading law firm in South Africa.
Tiefenthaler Construction Law Consultants
A multi-disciplinary specialist consultancy, providing legal assistance to the construction and engineeri
Close Corporations Act, 1984 (as amended)
Here's a free copy of the Close Corporations Act, 1984, for your easy reference. Enjoy using it and please come back to our site to order your CCs.
Tim Du Toit Attorneys
Providing litigation, legal services - experts in criminal law, family law, commercial law and much more.
Registration of Close Corporations and Companies
TMC - Legal Research
To provide a cost-effective, efficient and reliable legal research and advisory service for both legal practitioners and non-legal clients.
Coastal Impulse Technology
Polygraph Testing, the most effective means of determining the truth.
Debtor and family tracing throughout South Africa.
Coetzee's Attorneys
Law Firm based in the Western Cape specialising in Business and Criminal Law.
TS Legal Services
Specialists in the collection of outstanding accounts or debts by means of arbitration between the client or debtor and creditor within the guidelines provided by the law.
Commercial Crime Combating Committee
Joint forum between business, the SAPS and the public sector to combat white collar crime.
Unispec Advisors
Provide a number of high quality legal and para-legal services to individuals and businesses.
Commercial Investigative Services
CIS - Our team consists of highly trained commercial investigators previously in the South African Police Service as well as a staff compliment with loss adjusting and auditing skills.
Van Damme Int.
The best equipment, training and service available in the management of crime prevention, security and veracity assessment.
Community Legal Clinic
Provide remarkable legal products based on affordable monthly membership contributions.
Van Heerden & Brummer
Attorneys, notaries and conveyancers in Mpumalanga.
Complete Investigation Services
A South African based private investigation agency specialising in domestic, commercial and industrial matters, whether of a civil or criminal nature.
Van Onselen O'Connell
Van Onselen O'Connell was established in 1985 and has offices at 405 Salmon Grove Chambers, in the central business district of Durban.
Confidential Investigations
Private investigators offering professional services.
Van Rhyn, Minnaar & Co
We serve to offer the highest standard of legal representation in Uitenhage and surrounding areas.
Confidential Investigations
Well-based private detective company based in Johannesburg, South Africa since 1987.
Van Zyl Rudd and Associates
Online publication of the South African Labour/Constitutional Law Reports and many more.
Confidential Investigators
We are a well based company with 70% of the TOP 300 Companies as a client base, headed by Rocco Van Tonder since 1987.
Veldtman Attorney - Fourie Basson and Veldtman
Attorney specialising in Debt Collection, Court Litigation, Matrimonial Matters, Conveyancing.
Consumer Law Specialists - Logan Attorneys
Logan Attorneys assists consumers who are in debt or have been blacklisted by negotiating debt settlements, rescinding judgments and having defaults removed from credit records.
Venn Nemeth & Hart Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers
A leading law firm in KwaZulu - Natal with associate firms in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Richards Bay.
Contemporary Labour Law
Contemporary Labour Law is a South African monthly journal providing authoritative, regular and concise updates on South Africa's rapidly changing lab.
Venter Van Eeden Inc. -
Attorneys, Conveyancers, Notaries.
Copper Corporate Investigation Services
International corporate and forensic investigation services using statement analysis.
Vijay Kooblal
For your commercial, family and immigration legal requirements.
Corporate Governance
Embracing discipline, transparency, responsibility, accountability, fairness and social responsibility.
Visser Incorporated
Legal advice on the Promotion of Access to Information Act.
Corporate Information Services Detective Agency
Private Investigator / Private Investigation Agency. Our private detective and investigator staff conducts: background checks, surveillance investigation, divorce, financial investigations, missing persons, insurance fraud, divorce, and most anything else you may require. Our private detective and private investigator staff are ready to help you.
VVM Inc.
Van De Venter, Mojapelo Inc. is one of South Africa's leading legal firms. VVM offers all services related to collections and credit management.
CourtRoom - SA Law Central
Contains daily courtrolls, interesting articles, written by mainly South African legal practitioners.
Walkers Attorneys
The firm has its origins in 1828. Experience gained over more than 170 years as attorneys.
Couzyns Incorporated
Attorneys At Law.
WB&I Inc Attorneys & Legal Services
An experienced and diverse law firm, offering swift, practical solutions in all branches of the law.
Cox Yeats
A firm of attorneys offering a wide range of commercial and personal legal services.
WBD Jones Attorney - Sandton Attorney
attorney sandton, south african litigation, international litigation and arbitration, sandton attorney, road accident fund claims, attorney sandton, p
Labour Law, IR and Mediation
WBD Jones Attorney
Provides wide range of services in JHB CBD and Sandton
Crime Investigator
Crime investigator offers Ballistics and Forensic services
Webber Wentzel Bowens
SA's specialist law firm:Lawyers,litigation,Attorney,Patent,
D & K Investigations (Pyt)Ltd
Top notch commercial and private investigations company, specialising in, amongst others, polygraphing, undercover agents, VIP protection, etc.
Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers
D and K Management
Investigations, investigator, private investigations, private investigator, PI, private detective, detective, commercial investigator, theft, bodyguards.
Werksmans Attorneys
One of South Africa's top law firms with a network of firms throughout Africa.
David Oshry and Associates Attorneys
A compact firm of attorneys situated in Johannesburg South Africa
Wertheim Becker Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers
A law firm based in Houghton, Gauteng South Africa.
Dawson, Edwards and Associates
Maritime and commercial lawyers in Cape Town, South Africa.
Wilsenach van Wyk
Property Attorneys
De Kock Attorneys
Registered patent attorney. South African patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
Wits - Law Constitutional Repository
Deneys Reitz
Provides professional attorneys and legal services on admiralty, shipping, marine insurance, aviation, banking, commercial law, corporate law, competition, constitutional law, construction, engineering, environmental and water law, financial, etc.
Expert information and advice on labour law, unfair dismissals and conducting a disciplinary enquiry.
DigiLex - Integrated Legal Compliance
DigiLex Integrated Legal Compliance provides organisations with customised legal register and full test of national, provincial and local legislation. The system is continuously updated and clients receive legal updates also via email.
Wright Immigration
We provide a full range of passports and immigration services.
Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys
A law firm specializing in Insolvency Law which incorporates bankruptcy, voluntary sequestration of individuals, as well as liquidations of companies.
Wright, Rose&Innes - Attorneys - Notaries - Conveyancers
Provides a full range of legal services, employing attorneys in various fields of expertise. We have a reputation for quick and efficient service, as well as its expert knowledge in a range of legal fields.
Dispute Resolution Solutions
Online Ombud resolves legal and other disputes online making use of years of experience in the dispute resolution field.
Youens Attorneys
Attorneys specialising in environmental law.
Divorce Secrets Revealed
Most people don't want to think what life after divorce will be like. People are afraid of what their friends and family will say as soon as they know
Subscription divorce information website.
Can help you obtain an uncontested divorce in South Africa through a simple 4-step process. We are helping South African customers daily.
DM Kisch Incorporated
Patent Attorneys & Trademark Agents, Attorneys & Notaries.
Done Immigration Consulting
We offer hassle free migration to South Africa.
Dr Gerntholtz
Patent and trade mark attorneys.
Dr. Samantha Gregory Intellectual Property Attorneys
Intellectual Property firm specializing in the creation and maintenance of Patent, Trademark and Copyright portfolios
DSC Attorneys
A Cape Town law firm of personal injury attorneys dealing with road accident claims, personal injury claims, medical malpractice & other areas of law.
Du Plessis de Heus & van Wyk - Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers
Provides professional lawyers, attorneys and legal services on all areas of South African law including banking and commercial law.
Du Toit Attorneys
An attorney’s firm situated in Centurion with a branch office in Randburg. Marius du Toit is dedicated to serve the public.
DVB Attorneys
Attorneys, notaries, conveyancers, law, transfers, antenuptial agreements.
Edward Nathan & Friedland
Commercial Law firm
Electronic Legislative Information
Electronic legal information
Employer Assist
Provides companies with labour dispute insurance protection solutions. Protects against costly legal defence and consulting fees.
ENCO Business Administrators
Will assist you in all your legal needs.
Enslin Consultancy Services
Facilitation of import, export & clearances for motor vehicles.
We recognise that our clients have different and individual requirements and aspirations. Our aim is to provide unique solutions to meet their needs to meet their needs through quality personal service with a focus on expertise, professionalism and integrity.
Eybers Attorneys
Attorney King William's Town, Eastern Cape.
Fairbridges Ardene & Lawton
Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers.
Falck Muller Baard Inc.
Practising under the name Falck Muller Baard Attorneys in Stellenbosch and Robertson in the Boland, Western Cape South Africa.
Family Law
Child Maintenance, custody, childrens rights and fathers rights.
Ferlio - Investigators
FERLIO provides Specialist Investigation and Forensic Services
FH Labour
Welcome to the Labour Department of Friedland Hart & Partners, one of South Africa's leading law firms. labour friedland hart & partners martin brauer
Financial Intelligence Inspectorate Evaluation and Security
The objectives of the Financial Intelligence Inspectorate, Evaluation and Security Division of The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is to safeguard the finance.
Find An Attorney
Attorney, Lawyer and Law firm directory.
Findlay & Tait Attorneys
One of the largest & oldest firms of attorneys in Cape Town
Fiona Ayerst
Attorneys - Road Accident Fund"target=_top
Fluxman Rabinowitz - Raphaely Weiner
Fluxman Rabinowitz - Raphaely Wiener Attorneys
Forensic Strategies and Solutions
South African leading forensic investigators and detectives are experienced investigators and detectives in all major centres. If your organisation has a criminal problem, contact us.
Fraud Investigator
Investigation, prevention and detection of commercial crimes, including fraud and corruption.
Fraud Recovery and Investigations South Africa
Fraud investigation fraud risk management and fraud management rules handles all types of fraud risk in South Africa.
Free Legal Docs
Free legal document template and administrative form downloads via e-mail.
Fullard Mayer Morrison Attorneys Inc
Litigation and Conveyancing Attorneys in Sandton, Johannesburg.
G 9 Forensic Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Fraud, misconduct corruption investigations.
Galgut & Galgut
A leading firm of South African patent and trademark attorneys, dealing in all aspects of intellectual property law including litigation in this field.
Galloway & Co
Patent attorneys situated in Southern Africa (Malawi & Zambia). Specializing in ARIPO applications for trademarks and designs. ARIPO specialists
Garlicke & Bousfield Inc
Attorneys based in Durban & Umhlanga, South Africa
Gauteng Law Council
Gauteng Law Council
Gavin Morris Attorneys
gavin morris attorneys is a niche comercial and litigtaion law firm in johannesburg
GCG Attorneys
The leading legal company in Gauteng, South Africa.
Gerald Carson & Associates
GC is a law firm located in Sandton.
Articles, news and views about property conveyancing in South Africa.
GICS - Gazette In Cyber Space
We supply the government and provincial gazette at the lowest prices in South Africa. We also offer legislation and the tender bulletin for free.
Gold Star Patent
Patent attorneys specializing in patents, trademark and designs. Patent registrations, design applications and searches.
Goldman Judin Attorneys Inc.
One of South Africa's premier boutique law firms.
Goodrickes Attorneys
Attorneys in Durban offering litigation, property and conveyancing, deceased estates and commercial law.
Academy of graphology and Forensic Handwriting identification.
Grant Kaplan & Friedgut
Grant Kaplan and Friedgut South African Attorneys
Gross, Papadopulo & Associates
Attorneys specialising in property law, cc's and companies.
Grudko Associates
South African criminal investigation, intelligence and protection services.
Welcome at the web page of Van Niekerk Attorneys! We have been offering professional and comptent services in a friendly environment.
Hahn & Hahn Inc
For clients outside South Africa: patent atorneys specializing in patents, patent registrations, designs.
Hahn Law
Hahn & Hahn Attorneys services include, Blacklist repair, Company Law, Conveyancing, Technology law, Collections, Trusts, Wills & Estates.
Hammond Pole & Dixon
Law firm specializing in conveyancing, foreclosures, collections and litigations.
Harvey Nortje Attorneys
A firm of attorneys, notaries, conveyancers and valuers situated in Witbank South Africa.
Hawk-Eye Private Investigations
We deal mainly with matrimonial investigations.
HBR Attorneys
For your commmercial, family and immigration legal requirements.
HDT Law - Harmse en Du Toit Attorneys
Prokureurs, attorneys. Contact us for all your legal requirements. Centurion, South Africa.
Highveld Centre for Dispute Resolution
The centre makes use of experienced and qualified lawyers and technical experts to mediate in disputes.
Hirschowitz Flionis Attorneys
The South African law firm of attorney Dunn Hirschowitz and attorney Alex Flionis, Johannesburg, South Africa.
HK Attorneys
We provide tailor-made practicable solutions to nearly any legal and financial problem imaginable.
HKR Attorneys
The South African Law firm of Henderson, Kuiper-Isaacson and Rooseboom Attorneys (HKR Attorneys) was established to provide individual client orientated legal services in the areas of corporate law, environmental law, developmental law, property law, electronic law and litigation.
Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc.
One of the " magic circle " firms delivering the legal advantage.
Holliday Attorneys
A niche law firm, founded in 2002, specializing in Sectional Title matters, and issues surrounding the Attorneys Act and Magistrates' Court procedures.
Hortors Homepage
Hortors legal stationery and software.
House of Contracts
Leaders in supplying contracts and templates for individual and business requirements.
HR Law
HR IR Labour and Corporate Law.
Hutcheon Attorneys
Located in Johannesburg for all your attorney needs.
IMBEWU Enviro-Legal Specialists
An environmental legal consulting company based in Johannesburg.
Intangible Consulting
We specialise in IP management and empowers inventors to file their own IP registrations.
Ismail Laher, Immigration Lawyer
A South African Immigration lawyer Specialising in the USA
J W Wessels & Partners Inc.
We specialize in ersonal injury claims, high court litigation, labour law and criminal litigation.
Jacques Viljoen Attorneys
Attorneys, Notaries, and Conveyancers.
Jan S de Villiers Attorneys
A law firm with four offices located in the central business district of South Africa's Cape Town, Tyger Valley, Paarl and Stellenbosch.
Jan Tromp & Associates
A professional firm of attorneys providing individualised legal service to all businesses.
Justice Operation Aliance South Africa - anti crime solution.
Jodion & Associates
We provide Specialist Investigation and Forensic Services in South Africa.
Johann Nortje Attorneys & Conveyancers
Our firm specializes in property-related matters.
John & Kernick - Intellectual Property and Law
A dynamic internet portal dealing with all matters relating to intellectual property in Africa, including patents, trade marks, registered designs, copyright and domain names.
John & Kernick
A dynamic intellectual property law firm leading the way in securing, protecting and enforcing intellectual property in Africa.
Jonbeck Skills Consultants
We provide professional investigation and training services.
Jowell Glyn & Marais
A specialist commercial legal firm based in Jhb/Sandton
Judian Bruk Maritime Attorney
Based in Cape Town and specialise in fishing.
Justicia Investigations
Private investigator, private detective agency South Africa, Justicia Investigations has offices in Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth & Cape Town.
Justine Del Monte Attorneys
Affordable and experienced legal advice.
Kevin Moodley and Associates<
is a boutique law firm situate in Sandton, Johannesburg.
Kramer & Wesemann
We are an established law firm with 30 years experience. We pride ourselves on our up-to-date expertise and efficiency
Kramer and Villion
A young, energetic and dynamic legal practice with a well established client base.
Kruger & Kelly Inc.
A firm of Johannesburg based attorneys specialising in the fields of Personal Injury and Medical Negligence claims.
Commercial and International Trade Law Attorneys
Labour Law Advice
Advice and training.
Labour Law Office
Advice on all aspects of labour law, labour relations and employment law.
Labour Law
Attorneys specializing in South African labour law.
Labour Mate
The complete Labour Mate site together with logos, filter selection criteria and all content can be customized for an individual company.
Law & Sharia Consultants
Muslim personal law. Research and promotion of personal status laws in South Africa.
Law in South Africa
MacRobert, de Villiers, Lunnon & Tindall, Inc.
Law Society of the Northern Provinces
LSNP gives members of the general public access to and provide information about the legal profession, and attorneys in particular.
South African Legal Resources
Lawyer South Africa
Accident and injury lawyers, debt settlement or divorce lawyers and other legal advice and information.
Legal Advice Online
Receive legal advice and legal assistance from a lawyer online.
Legal Aid Board
One of the institutions earmarked to make the constitutional promise of justice for all a reality in South Africa.
Legal Beagles Attorneys
A full service law firm with over 100 attorneys and lawyers dedicated to the highest standards of client service.
Legal City
SA's Leading Online Legal Resource
Legal consulting services
Located in Cape Town and Johannesburg offers outsourced commercial, property and IT law as well as legal opinions and advice.
Legal Link
A legal mediation, arbitration and advisory firm with a professional and affordable legal assistance.
Legal Mart - Your Online Legal Advisor
We provide professional legal services to businesses and individuals country wide.
Legal Startpage
South African Law
Legal news hub with daily updates of important legal news for SA legal professionals.
Turning expenses and time into money.
Legal Expenses Insurance.
The premier South African legal web site.
Debt Recovery Software for debt recovery agents, debt collectors, lawyers, attorneys, small or large company's legal departments, tracers, section 58.
Affordable Legal cover.
Leppan Beech Incorporated
Awarded the PMR Gold Award for the top small law firm in South Africa.
Lietech South Africa
A business concern recently established in Durban, currently rendering a professional polygraph service to KwaZulu Natal, and neighbouring Provinces.
Linden Police Station
The official website of Linden Police Station.
Lindsay Keller Attorneys
Internationally active solutions, orientated commercial and insurance law firm in Rosebank, South Africa.
Lion Share legal services
A well established legal services broker and authorized financial service provider (FSP) registered with the Financial Services Board (FSB).
Legally independent people's corperation.
LMDK Labour Consultant
Labour relations consultant advising clients, CCMA cases, implementing HR processes and systems.
Lubbe Attorneys
The property law division of Lubbe Inc. handles all matters relating to property development, sales and transfers.
Luitingh and Associates
Small but dynamic Law firm in Cape Town designed to practise in an environment where client feels welcome.
Lungile Ngakane Inc, Attorney
The firm mainly offers corporate legal services to a range of clients in the private sector, parastatals, small, medium, and micro-enterprises, and other professional establishments and businesses.
Lungile Ngakane Inc. - Attorneys in Law
A South African Law firm offering legal services to a wide range of clients.
MacLegal Security
Legal assistance, private investigations and security services.
Make Your South African Will
Online service to create a last will and testament or living will.
Malan & Mohale Attorneys
We have the necessary skills and experience in the intricacies and complexities of local government and municipality law as well.
Established, corporate law firm offering range of services.
Marematlou cc
With years of experience in Debt Collection, Joseph Mokoena decided to start his own business. During January 2000, he registered Marema Tlou Debt Collectors.
Martin Vermaak Attorneys
Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, Labour Attorneys
Canada immigration specialist for South Africans.
Mc Naught and Co
Fast track transfers and mortgage registrations Attorneys and Conveyancers.
McLaren & Associates
Commercial and Labour law experts
Mcwilliams and Elliott Attorneys Notaries and Conveyancers
The oldest legal practice in the district, having been established on 30 June 1853 by William Martin Innes and William Caldwell Elliott.
Meumann White Attorneys
A Dynamic Firm Of Attorneys Specialising In Property Law, with offices in Durban, Amanzimtoti, Bluff, Umhlanga & Hillcrest
Michael Matthews and Associates
Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers situated in Cape Town.
Michalsons Attorneys
A leading local IT law firm who specialise in information security law. Lance Michalson was a member of the team responsible for drafting the ECT Act.
Mileman & Associates
South African attorneys at law. Legal advice, credit checks, national credit act, free case assessment.
Misuse of the Rule 43 in the South African Justice System
Taking on the South African Justice System for the misuse of the Rule 43 in divorce proceedings.
Molefe Dlepu Inc
Molefe Dlepu is an independent and dynamic law firm comprising of women lawyers providing professional legal services to individuals, associations groups, companies and government departments in Southern Africa.
Mooney, Ford & Partners
Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers
Moore Attorneys
Intellectual property attorneys.
MRR Attorneys
Malherbe Rigg & Ranwell inc. Attorneys at Law based in the Boksburg region in Gauteng.
The best South African business!
My Patent
Free patent and design registration tools.
Myburgh & Accociates Attorneys
Cape Town Attorneys.
A.M. Heystek & Associates
The leading private investigation agency in South Africa specialising in the investigation of vehicle theft, hi-jacking, third-party claims, etc.
Myers IP
Experts in intellectual property including patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and ip evaluations.
Abé Bosman Attorneys
A legal firm who specialises in providing its' clients with professional assistance in the fields of environmental and occupational health and safety.
South Africa's premier Internet site for downloadable legal contracts, agreements, documentation and free legal information.
Adams & Adams Intellectual Property Law Specialists
Leading South African law firm specialising in all aspects of intellectual property law.
Naidoo Attorney
We offer online legal services that are delivered at your convenience and are produced against the highest standards of efficiency and quality.
Adams & Adams
Leading South African law firm specialising in all aspects of intellectual property law and certain fields of general law.
Natal Law Society Library
Law Library site for Natal Law Society.
Adele van der Walt Attorneys
A corporate law firm specializing in medical law and medical negligence cases.
Natal Law Society
Official site of Natal Law Society.
Advocate Mojapelo
Need professional assistance with migration law in the republic of South Africa? We are ready to assist.
Naudes Attorneys
Free State: Comprehensive Legal Services
Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf
Child maintenance, child support, domestic violence, protection order, maintenace calculator, etc.
Naudés Attorneys
If you need attorneys for litigation, commercial contracts, conveyancing or personal injury claims.
Advocate South Africa
Assists attorneys to instruct an advocate or the public. Advocate SA gives the oppertunity to showcase their legal services to the world.
Neilsons Attorneys
General legal practice in Cape Town
Advocates Group 21
Of the Johannesburg Bar of South Africa
Net Lawman
Top quality legal documents and other services on South African jurisdiction in a fixed price.
African Lion Patents
Patent, trademark and design services in South Africa and Africa. Qualified patent attorneys.
Nevetec Police Clearance
Fingerprint clearance.
African Sun Patents
Patents attorneys, trademarks and designs throughout the African Continent
Ngubane & Partners Incoporated
A 100% black owned law firm with many years of experience in litigation,corporate law, wills and trusts, and more..
AKP Trading 33 (Pty) Ltd.
Traffic offence prosecution products and services.
Nicci Ferguson Attorneys and Conveyancers
Law firm specialising in electronic law and intellectual property law in South Africa.
Allardyce Group
Labour Attorneys and HR Consultants.
Niel Schoeman Attorneys & Conveyancers
A dynamic, innovative, experienced Law Firm in practise for over 15 years.
U.S. based immigration attorneys focusing on South African needs. We speak English and Afrikaans.
Nochumsohns Attorneys
Andre de Klerk
An admitted attorney, conveyancer and notary.
Norman Berger & Partners Incorporated
Attorneys, notaries and conveyancers.
Andre Kirsten On Criminal Law
Criminal legal resource on criminal trials, principles of evidence, process documents, trial advocacy and more.
OF&A Forensic Investigations
Suppliers of professional private investigations in South Africa.
Andre Kirsten
Criminal legal resource on criminal trials, principles of evidence, process documents, trial advocacy and more.
Office for Intellectual Property
Patents, copyright and other intellectual property issues discussed by the Office for Intellectual Property at the University of Stellenbosch
Andre Leask & Associates
A law firm in Cape Town, South Africa, specialising conveyancing, corporate, commercial, information technology, english law and litigation matters.
Ohada Legis
A network of professional lawyers specialising in Ohada Business Law. The network's goals are to encourage an understanding of Ohada Law and to provide related services in Ohada member countries.
Anita Grobler Attorneys
Top Attorneys firm in Kempton Park.
OKW Liquor Consultant
Applications for liquor licenses.
Antenuptial Contracts
Free advice on Antenutial Contracts and links to attorney firms specializing in online registrations at the best price possible.
Orelowitz Incorporated Attorneys
Offering a full range of personal, corporate and commercial legal services.
Anton Posthumus Attorney & Conveyancer
Legal firm specialising in property transfers.
Patent Attorney
For patent specification drafting and patent application filling.
Anwalt am Kap
German attorney specializing in South African property law advising German speaking clients.
International specialist database of patented technology available under license agreements. Free access. Priority alert service to subscribers. Comprehensive directory of patent attorneys from 39 countries
Appies Incorporated
The only reputable, black firm of attorneys with a national footprint with offices in Tygervalley, Cape Town.
Petterson, Pandaram Attorneys
The law firm where experience.
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