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Directory of South African Constitution & Democracy websites

Web Sites

Absolute Common Sense
This libertarian site aims to stimulate debate around current affairs and the double standards and hypocracy of the politically correct.
Acts Online
SA law and legislation free online.
African Human Security Initiative
A one-year project for a core network of seven established African Non-Governmental Organisations to embark upon a process of benchmarking the performance of key African governments in respect of human security issues.
Angels Against Crime
Fighting against crime in South Africa.
Appeal Document Services
We provide a professional service in the preparation of appeal records for clients throughout South Africa.
Association of Regional Magistrates of South Africa
The cyber home of regional magistrates in South Africa.
Political commentary based on a Christian worldview and then also including South African politics.
Centre for Development and Enterprise
CDE is a public interest policy research and advocacy organisation.
Commercial Law in South Africa
Community Law Centre, UWC
To realise the democratic values and human rights of South Africa’s Constitution through high quality research, advocacy and education.
Conflict and Governance Facility
The Facility will, through the provision of Grants, focus on analytical research and studies on conflict and governance issues in South Africa.
Constitution & Bill of Rights Educational Project
CBOR explores the rights found in the South African Constitution and seeks to educate civil society about their rigths and duties.
Constitutional Court of South Africa
The Constitutional Court, highest court in South Africa, was born of this country's first democratic Constitution in 1994. In a unique new building at Constitution Hill, 11 judges stand guard over the Constitution & protect everyone's human rights.
Democracy Development Programme
Committed to the promotion of a sustainable democracy, political awareness, tolerance and a culture of human rights and good governance.
European Union Parliamentary Support Programme
A dynamic partnership project linking the South African Speakers' Forum and the European Union.
Free Mzwakhe Mbuli
Human rights site advocating for justice for jailed people's poet of South Africa, Mzwakhe Mbuli, who was framed by corrupt officials.
Gavin's South African Politics WWW Site
South African Politics
Conservative political views on life in post-apartheid South Africa.
Gun Free South Africa
A source of information about firearm ownership in South Africa and an open forum where members can discuss firearm ownership and related issues.
Gun Owners of South Africa
GOSA affirms the rights of all people within South Africa to own and bear arms.
Human Rights Abuse
Homeless dumped on rubbish tip
The Institute for Democracy in South Africa is an independent non-profit public interest organisation that promotes democracy in South Africa.
Independent Electoral Commission
Ensuring free and fair elections in South Africa and providing all the information you will need for taking part in local and national elections.
Indiba Africa
Premier pan-African human rights and organisational development consultants.
IPOC - Southern African Information Portal on Corruption
Southern African Information Portal on Corruption
Knowledge Harvest Services
Is a hundred percent Black Woman Owned (BWO) legally registered company based in Johannesburg.
Open Democracy Advise Centre.
Parliament of South Africa
Official Site of the South African Parliament
Parliamentary Monitoring Group
Know what the parliamentary committees are currently doing
Southern African Legal Assistance Network - founded in 1994 to encourage dialogue and the sharing of information on human rights in Southern Africa.
South African Constitution
The constitution represents the collective wisdom of the South African people and has been arrived at by general agreement.
Training for Peace
Training peacekeepers in Africa.
We Love South Africa
We Love South Africa.
Wits Law School
Constitutional and South African Legal Materials
World Conference against Racism
Highlighting the efforts of the international community to focus on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance.
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