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Directory of South African Diseases & Conditions websites

Web Sites

Brain Injury Group (BIG) : Pretoria
BIG is a non-profit organisation which is committed to bettering the quality of life of the brain-injured community
Support organisation for people living with brain injuries.
Breast Cancer
The most extensive information about breast cancer on the web.
Breast cancer Screening provides information and links for breast cancer education
Body tools, business tools, personal tools, negative calorie diet, sun, slim, diet, burn fat, gorgeous, cellulite, diabetic and glycemic.
Bulimia facts and resources. Helps for sufferers and their families.
Carey's Bone Marrow Fund
Bone marrow awareness and fundraisers.
The treatment of cancer using specific chemical agents or drugs that are intended to destroy malignant cells and tissues.
CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation - Pietermaritzburg
The Childhood Cancer Foundation brings together the parents of children who suffer from all varieties of cancer or life threatening blood disorders.
CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa
About childhood cancer in SA.
High cholesterol affects eight out of ten South Africans. Are you one of them?
Infants with Clubfoot. A valuable source of information about the Ponseti NON-SURGICAL method to correct clubfoot in infants.
Colon Blow!
Are you feeling drained and fatigued? Help is on it's way!
Comfort Orthopedic Co, ltd
Comfort wheelchairs has been the best professional manufacturer of wheelchair and medical equipment for years.
Crohn's and Colitis Support Group
'Crohn 's Disease' or 'Ulcerative Colitis, collectively called 'Inflammatory Bowel Disease' (IBD).
Da Pendant
Catering for: angina, allergies, diabetes, chronic illnesses, blood pressure problems. It always ensures your medication is at hand.
A mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity.
Diabetic Patent Formula
100% Natural R59.00 per 60 capsule bottle, free samples available.
Dr. Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic
Unique state-of-the-art medical treatment for hair loss in both men and women.
Drug Abuse
Treatment for drug abuse ( drug rehab and drug addiction).
Dyslexia Symptoms & Dyslexia Signs
Resource details the symptoms of dyslexia, including the possible effects of this disorder on math and handwriting.
Eastern Transvaal Cerebral Palsy Association
Association for Cerebral Palsy
Eureka Life
The amazing HTE Chi machine and hot house, as well as our infrared saunas, cure many illnesses.
EW Pope and Associates
First-class, cost effective renal replacement therapy within Southern Africa
Fighting to Breathe
The Campaign to secure compensation for workers affected by exposure to asbestos in South African mines.
First Step Rehab
By opting for after-hours rehab, alcoholics and drug addicts can now get help while carrying on with their lives.
GLD,Interforce,Erections,Enlarges,Viagra,Sex,Penis,Vagina,Adult,Creams,Erectile Disfunction,Erectile Problems,Adult Products
Gotha Health Products
Gotha produces unique immune boosting health products. Our range comprises supplements, creams and sprays.
Government Blunders: The AIDS/HIV Issue
An excellent site for information on HIV/AIDS and how the ANC government is killing it's people.
Gregory Weir Vascular Surgery
An overview of vascular disease with respects to pathology, diagnosis and management.
Gum Disease
Periodontal disease is the name for bacterial infections of the gums.
Hair Fantastique
Hair loss solution. Made in South Africa.
Bad breath, caused by tooth decay, gum disease, digestive problems, smoking or some systemic diseases.
Health and Hygiene
Health and Hygien offers a wide range of Industrial, Air, Agricultural and Animal Health hygiene and disinfectant products
Remember that although your ear is the organ that receives sound, it is your brain that ultimately hears and interprets the sound.
Heart Attack
Acute myocardial infarction (AMI or MI), commonly known as a heart attack.
Heart Foundation
A community based health organisation established to reduce the incidence of heart disease and stroke in the population of South Africa by providing education and supporting research.
Heart Surgery
A surgery which involves the heart or heart valves.
Herb-Coat, shampoos & conditioners for hair growth.
Hivan Centre for HIV/AIDS Networking
News resource and HIV/AIDS database.
Holistic Health South Africa
This site is dedicated to encouraging, educating and inspiring earthlings, particularly in the Gauteng area, to pursue optimal health!
A chemical messenger involved in the regulation and coordination of cellular and bodily functions.
Huntington's Association of South Africa
A non-profit organisation that aims to provide support for Huntington's Disease (HD) sufferers, their familes and caregivers.
Hypospadias Supprt Group
The South African Hypospadias Home Page.
I am a cancer survivor - Support group
Cancer information and support from a non-profit organization by women and men who walked the journey and can ease your way.
The study of all aspects of the immune system including its structure and function, disorders of the immune system, blood banking and more.
Informer - Your key to HIV/AIDS decision making
A publication produced by Emphasis Media that specialises in news and information relating to HIV and AIDS.
Integrative Health
Chronic medical conditions.
Island Tribe
Health tips relating to Skin Cancer
Safe, efficient and cost effective control of domestic pests
Knysna Aids Council
Offers training in AIDS information and follows up with training for lay counsellors.
KZN Kidney Association
Information on kidneys, kidney disease, treatments, fundraising and medical research and organ donation.
LIKE B4 - Mastectomy & Boutique
Mastectomy boutique stocks a large variety of amoena breast forms, lingerie and swim wear for mastectomy & breast cancer patients.
Living ADDventure
Coaching for ADD adults.
Lung cancer Information
Information on lung cancer and Mesothelioma , treatment, aid and legal resources.
Marfan Syndrome Organisation South Africa
Support group for Marfan Syndrome sufferers in South Africa. What is Marfan Syndrome.
Mediven Travel
Elastic stockings for air travel to prevent DVT.
The chemical and physiological processes by which the body builds and maintains itself and by which it breaks down food and nutrients to produce energy.
MH-Maligne Hipertermie
Al die mediese informasie raakende die spier afwyking MH / Maligne Hipertermie (Malignant Hyperthermia).
Micro Hearing Aids
Providing hearing aids in Johannesburg, South Africa, for those people in need of something to aid their hearing.
Mosamaria Aids Ministry
Is a registered non-profit organisation in the Free State.
Mr Willy Condom Dispensers
Controlled hygienic condom dispensing.
Multiple Sclerosis South Africa
Information on MS, its effects and tips to help you cope.
Multiple Sclerosis
South African support group for persons with Multiple Sclerosis, based in Edenvale, Gauteng.
Muscular Dystrophy Foundation
The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of South Africa is a non-profit organisation which supports people affected by Muscular Dystrophy and Neuromuscular.
For migraine headache sufferers, including information on migraine diagnosis and treatment.
Narcotics Anonymous in South Africa
NA is a self-help support group for recovering addicts seeking help from drug addiction.
National Asthma Education Programme
A South African organisation whose main objective is to disseminate information about asthma.
National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa
Site providing information about the foundation as well as osteoporosis for both patients and healthcare professionals.
Natural Medicine Distributors
Distributors of natural medicine for skin disorders and other illnesses.
Natural Medicine
Distributors of Natural Medicine.
A physician specializing in cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Ons Spina Bifida Sonstraaltjie
'n Joernaal oor die ervarings van 'n ouerpaar met 'n Spina Bifida kind.
Specializing in the treatment and cure of eczema & psoriasis.
Parkinsons Disease in South Africa
My Bi-lateral Subthalmic Deep Brain Stimulation operation
The social and legal acknowledgment of the parental relationship between a father and his child.
Perinatal Education Programme - HIV/AIDS Manual
The Perinatal Education Program aims to improve the care of pregnant women and their newborn infants, especially in poor, rural communities.
Primary Immunodeficiency Network of South Africa.
A specialist devoted to the study and treatment of the foot, ankle and sometimes knee, leg and hip.
Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of South Africa
Official website giving information about the Prader-Willi Syndrome.
Prospur Pharmacy
Diabetes specialist pharmacy in Cape Town.
Prostate Laser
Laser therapy.
Protop Womens Clinic
Womens Clinic
Quin Health
Organisation that performs wellness evaluations of staff within companies, as well as HIV/AIDS testing and HIV/AIDS information sessions.
Radiation Raver
My story of life during cancer treatment.
Right To Care
Non-governmental organisation providing treatment for HIV, access to VCT, anti retroviral therapy and builds capacity in HIV management.
Roach Busters
Safe, efficient and cost effective control of domestic pests.
Roche Diagnostics
Diabetes care South Africa.
RSI Help
Resources for South Africans computer professionals suffering from repetitive strain injuries.
Sasonah Lodge
A safe haven for persons living with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
Save Medical
HiCare helps to prevent and stop AIDS. Its helps reducing viral load and raising CD4 cell count.
Essential to immune system, immune booster, anti-oxidant, hiv aids and cancer defence.
Sex for Life
treating erectile dysfunction.
A company specialising in HIV management by educating organisations and institutions to respond to the impact of HIV and AIDS.
This web site has been designed to assist people who are suffering from Depression and other Stress Related Illnesses.
SnoreMate Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece
Effective snoring relief - easy to fit, easy to wear, shapes your mouth.
South Africa Intracranial Hypertension Support
Support for sufferers of the condition of Intracranial hypertension - also known as Pseudotumour Cerebri.
South African Bipolar Site
Offers information on bipolar affective disorder and where to find support in South Africa.
South African Cerebral Palsy Information & Resource Center
Information and resources on Cerebral Palsy in South Africa.
South African Vaccination and Immunisation Centre
SAVIC: improving the health of future generations by strengthening the expanded programme on immunisation (EPI) in South Africa.
South Cape Urology
Bard Brachytherapy: Your Total Resource
Stroke Aid
A non-profit organisation based in Johannesburg which is run by volunteers to help with the rehabilitation of people who have had a stroke.
The Journey
A site that takes you on a journey to the hearing world, that takes you to various ointeresting places in South Africa. Lots of beautiful photos.
The Leprosy Mission
Dedicated to the treatment of leprosy causes, infection and thus constantly giving out cures to infected people with leprosy symptoms.
The Merkel Cell Repository
Cancer patient group information.
The South African Haemophilia Foundation
Online help for Haemophilia sufferers
Thoracic Surgery SA
Cape Town educational site for Thoracic Surgery and related chest diseases - Dr Anthony Linegar.
Tinnitus Treatments
Tinnitus can be treated. Don't let tinnitus ruin your sleep or allow to tinnitus dominate your life. We can help.
Trichology Centre
Causes for hair loss, treatment for hair loss in men and women.
Trisomy 18
In memory of Madeleine Malherbe. To support South African families affected by Trisomy 18.
Tristan Quarmby
A Prayer for a little angel. Born on 2101-1999 he didnt crawl and walked on 10 months,was extremely hyper active and was a perfectly normal toddler although slow in speech.
Understanding Anorexia Nervosa
A guide to help Anorexia sufferers and their families.
Vitiligo Clinic & Treatment
Vitiligo is a skin depigmentation, Novitil is a unique product to regain skin pigmentation.It can be added to any adequate schedule of light treatment
Wellness Revolution
A movement towards a healthy lifestyle.
Ideal for thinning hair and hair loss caused by stress,medication, poor nutrition, hormonal factors, major surgery or illness.
1st Step
South Africa out patient addiction treatment programme focusing on drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling disorders and eating disorder treatment.
Accelerate Kids
Kinderkinetics in South Africa.
Adriana's Fund
Help Adriana van der Merwe fight SCID (PNP) deficiency, and help save her life. Donate money, donate time, help raise funds.
Help & Hope for fiends and families of problem drinkers.
Ally - RAK Amputee - South Africa
Personal website of South African Amputee
The complete or partial loss of hair.
Alternative health and well being guide
Alternative medicines and solutions for life threatening disease
Anorexia and Bulimia Family Support Group
All you need to know about Anorexia and Bulimia.
A chemical substance produced by micro organisms which has the capacity, in dilute solutions, to inhibit the growth of or to kill other microorganisms.
Anxiety & Depression Support Group
Causes of anxiety and depression, signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Organisation that deals with cancer in Africa.
APS Foundation of SA
Welcome to the Antiphospholipid Syndrome Foundation of South Africa
Aqua Angel
South Africa Water Purification Systems - Stillbay Branch - Welcome page.
Arthritis diseases
Arthritis diseases web pages of drdoc on-line
Arthritis Info
Dedicated to all the information and aspects regarding arthritis in South Africa.
Aspartame Artificial Sweetener
The bitter-sweet truth behind this modern day poison. Stop now!
Asthma Research
Free Chiropractic treatment and research.
Autism is considered a neurodevelopmental disorder that manifests itself in marked problems with social relatedness and communication.
Aventis Pasteur
Infectious disease vaccines in South Africa.
Bed Wetting Tips
As a parent, find out what is happening with your child so that you can stop bedwetting.
Beyond Awareness HIV/AIDS Campaign
Promoting access to HIV/AIDS communication tools in South Africa
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