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Directory of South African Homeopathy & Alternative Health websites

Web Sites

So Well Alternative Health Shops
Natural remedies and health products.
Solal Africa Technologies
Anti ageing products.
Sole Solutions
Therapeutic reflexology.
SoulCare:Taking you to the next level.
Offering spiritual, physical, emotional and mental healing for body, soul and mind. Specialising in sports therapy.
South African Herbal Remedies
The best organic herbs and natural remedies from South Africa. All our products are 100% natural and have been proven by registered herbalists.
Spirals Yoga
Yoga and art studio in Jeffreys Bay.
Spirit Junction
A directory geared to create networking and marketing relationships specific to the holistic market.
Spiritual World
A comprehensive directory for health & healing from Aromatherapy to zen.
Sportron South Africa
A company that makes you healthy and wealthy
Still Pure Essential Oils
Esssential Oils produced and bottled in South Africa
Stones For Africa
Information on crystal healing.
Helping people to overcome depression without drugs and live a successful life.
Suncore Health
Importers of cutting edge natural organic health products including no.1 organic super foods in the world.
Sunflower Healing
We offer healing modalities like Reiki, Meditation and Sh'Zen in Cape Town by Zaida Ahmed.
Sunshine Colour Academy
Specialises and suppliers of colour therapy, colour consultations, products, treatments, healing, aroma therapy, yoga & pregnancy, aromatherapy, reflexology, courses & workshops.
Dedicated to helping individuals all over the world achieve a better quality of life, suppling Sutherlandia which has been used for centuries to treat numerous conditions and enhance general health.
A guide to alternative and complementary health practitioners in South Africa.
Synergy Inc.
Kombucha, detoxification and Omega 3-6-9, essential fatty acids.
Techmed SA
Homeopathy with devices from VegaMed (Germany) and Transcom (Spain).
Thai Massage
Traditional Thai massage with aromatherapy oils.
The Bodyworx
Sport and holistic therapy for a personal experience.
The Crazy Nut
Vegetarian health shop and food centre - Pretoria.
The Detox Coach
Holistic approach to achieving personal wellbeing and success in all areas of your life.
The Elixir of Life
Elixir for life will reduce cholestrol levels, destroy fat, reduce weight, lessen arthritis pain! Order now!
The Fountainhead
Therapies that improve the flow of lymph, blood, and qi (energy).
The Lifestyle Cafe
Living the lIfestyle - a healthy body, mind and soul.
The MindFrame
An alternative natural cure for your problems. Offering an advanced process to release the power of the mind through hypnosis. Change your mind.
The Naked Yoga Collection
The ultimate yoga collection for anyone from beginer to expert.
Abia Health
The SCIO is a high-tech complementary health device that assists health practitioners to find energetic imbalances and health issues.
The Propolis People
South Africa's first propolis and bee products company.
Absolute Organix
Suppliers of organic and natural nutritional oils, including Absolute Organix Omega3:6:9 Organic, SA's leading nutritional oil rich in essential fats.
The Qauntum Alliance SA
Official registered licenced EPFX, SCIO distributor in Africa.
Adult Products
An African company supplying locally produced quality enhancement products.
The School of Hand & Foot Reflexology
Training in Therapeutic Reflexology by professionals.
Advance Med SA
Alternative cancer therapy, insulin potentiation therapy, heart bypass alternative, chelation therapy and others.
The South African Flower and Gem Essences
Online shopping and info on The South African Flower Essences.
African Aloe
For aloe base products Aloe Ferox, Aloe Arborescens, supplied directly to the manufacturers of health and beauty products.
The South African Journal of Natural Medicine
The biggest online archive of natural medicine resources in Southern Africa.
Aim Renewed Balance natural progesterone
A source of Natural Progesterone cream for womans' health and the relief of, PMS osteoporosis, menopause and hormone imbalance.
The Tiger's Eye
A gemstone that emits positive energy to the body when in contact with the human body, and has healing capacity. Available in South Africa.
Alexander Technique in South Africa
The official web site of the South African Society of the Teachers of the Alexander Technique.
Therapy at Work
Are a group of mobile therapists, who come to your office environment to treat your staff to a day of de-stressing and relaxing therapy.
Home of Aura-Soma and Tissue Salts in South Africa.
Tranquility Healing Center - Spiritual healing and Counseling
Learn meditation, variety of healing sessions available e.g reiki, spiritual guidance and counseling etc.
Aloe Vera
Alasdair and Judy McLeod sell Aloe Vera in South Africa because of what it did for their health. 50 years of eczema suffering ended in weeks.
Tranquille, Natural Body Products
Therapeutic Body Products to enhance the immune system using essential oils in a natural base
Alpha Male Shop
We supply men with alternative herbal medicine for ailments like impotence, premature ejaculation, fertility problems and more.
We are very excited to bring you Bowtech(R), a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy, revolutionising the health care world.
Alternative herb libido booster - Viriya
Viriya - Natural impotence cure, promoting virility, boosting libido and sustainable erections
Tri-Vortex Technologies South AFrica
State of the art technology for natural pain relief and healthcare, improvement of drinking water, and reversing the effects.
Alternative Network Directory
Search for alternative health practitioners, holistic events, complementary products, dictionary, group events, free spiritual newsletter, crystals.
Truth - the root cause of everything
Hidden truth in words we say and hear. Life changing.
Amanda Green - Therapeutic Aromatherapy
Qualified alternative healer, shiatsu, reiki, massage, hot stone treatments.
Ubuntu Lamps
Ionic salt crystal lamps.
Life support inforrnation and developer of Glyconutrient products based in Cape Town.
Ultra Stamina
A blend of 7 herbal extracts, has been specially formulated to boost your sex drive, energy levels and stamina.
Ancient Herbal Remedies
Providers of organic teas, herbal creams, ointments and essential oils - manufactured from organically grown herbs.
Unique Formulations
Complimentary health medicine.
Animal Chiropractic
Chiropractic care for animals.
Universal Energy Healing Technique
An amazing and extremely effective process to enhance healing. Johannesburg, South Africa.
Has developed aromatherapy wheat bags that are infused with a variety of healing essential oilz
Vitacare Health & Wellness
Heath advise, articles, online orders, skin care and much more.
Aromatic Apothecary Products
Makers of the finest essential oils and aromatherapy products.
Vitality By Design
Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Biopuncture and more.
A non-intrusive, self-selective colour therapy system. A mirror to your soul. Practitioners and teachers in South Africa.
Vitamed - Natural Remedies, Nutritional Supplements and Homeopathic Medicines
South Africa's One Stop Natural Remedies, Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins, Alternative Medicines, Homeopatich Medicines and Health Store.
Clinically indicated anti-cancer, therapies, vitamins and multivitamins, as well as various dietary supplements.
Vitto Advertising
Our site aims to promote products that will enhance your quality of life.
Back Health
Dr Jan Jones is a Chiropractor in Johannesburg. The aim of the site is to provide information on how to keep one's back healthy.
W Last Homeopathic
Homeopathic products produced according to Hahnemann's standards. Single and Complex remedies, creams, oils and gels are all produced to the highest standard.
Barley Green Health Products & Natural Healthcare
Green Barley is reported to be one of the finest natural blood builders.Using Green Barley on a daily basis is said to promote an abundant supply of good quality new red blood cells.
We create a desired level of brain activity with binaural beats to, amongst many other things, enhance learning and rectify sleep disorders.
Barry Thompson
Personal, prose, thoughts and artwork. Info on health and herbs.
Holistic living and health - esoteric
Beech International
AIM, Barley Green, herbal fiberblend, just carrots
Whole Heart
Life coaching and spiritual motivation with Shaun Olivier.
Being Human
One man's mission to pursue his birthright to live disease-, misery- and medicine-free.
Willem Smuts - Allergy Therapist
Willem does electromagnetic therapy to rebalance and detoxify your system and NAET allergy therapy using accupressure to desentise your allergies.
Bemer 3000
Cell energy therapy in South Africa.
South African supplier of high quality, naturally therapeutic products, to allopathic and holistic practitioners to enhance their treatments.
Bernadette Jackson
Kahuna Hawaiian massage, Indian head massage and reiki.
Preventative medicine and supplements.
Better Life
Offers a free comprehensive guide to alternative healing in South Africa.
Workplace Massage
On site massage.
Bio-Energetic Wellness Centre
SCIO and Rife Therapy.
An effective herbal ointment for men who suffer from small penises, which improves sexual performance and self-confidence.
Bio-Energiser Detox Spa
The Bio-Energiser D-Tox Spa starts the process of rebalancing your body’s bio-energy. Effectively rebalancing the cells equilibrium of positive and ne
Holistic dr, reiki master, healer, naturalist, therapist.
Biodanza South Africa
A technique of movement full of meaning, exploring and rediscovering joy, pleasure and well-being.
Yoga Shop
Yoga aims to bring a harmonious balance into our lives.
BioEarth Laboratories
Gel based cosmetic pharmaceuticals.
Yoga Home
Yoga in Pretori isbased on 3rd, 4th, and 5th limbs of Astanga Yoga. It is a comprehensive set of physical,mental,and breathing exercises
Herbalism introduces internally and externally substances which will build the body up; restore it and strengthen natural defences.
Yoga In Daily Life
Improves mind,body,soul,health, internal peace through yoga positions,exercises,breathing, meditation.
Sells alternative health and wellness tools for a better quality of life.
Yoga SA
Find tranquility and harmony through yoga. Yoga classes and yoga workshops.
Bodi Refinery
Bodi Refinery your ultimate health journey
Yoga, Therapy and Spirituality
The Satyam Centre offers yoga classes, meditation, remedial yoga therapy, a full range of workshops - Kriya Yoga, Kundalini, Chakras, etc.
Existing as multi-level beings, humans only experience wellness and joy, when all layers are in harmony.
Zanemvula Herbal Health
Traditional African healing by means of herbs and healing products from South Africa.
Chiropractic clinic in Sunninghill.
Botanical Luxury Soap
Luxury soap that will feed your skin.
Bouquet Garni Herbs and Herbalism
South Africa's premier site for those seeking information on everything and everybody related to herbs in South Africa.
Bowen Technique
In the Helderberg Western Cape.
Bowen Technique
Alternative therapy, physiotherapy and massage.
Bushman Hoodia Gordonii
Hoodia Gordonii products direct from source. License sellers. Cape Town.
Buy Dagga Seeds
The best dagga seeds on sale delivered anywhere in the world.
Cape Coastal Chemicals
A supplier of pharmaceutical rawmaterials to the pharmaceutical, health care and cosmetics industry.
Cape Osteopathic Healthcare Clinic
Back pain, headache, migraine, sports injuries and much more.
Caring Candies
Sugar-free herbal sweeties - ideal for diabetics, children suffering with ADHD, candida-sufferers, hypoglycaemics, slimmers and the health concious.
Details of chiropractic clinic in Fourways, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Chlorella - Natures Perfect Food
Information on chlorella and the option to purchase the product
Information on natural herbs that can be used to relieve health problems.
Classical Chinese Acupuncture
Treatments available in Cape Town.
Clinic For Alternative Healing Therapies
A massage & beauty therapist. A relaxing experience. Specialists in holistic massage therapist, therapeutic massage, lymphoedema treatment, de-stressing, massage, aromatherapy and more.
Cloud 9 Floatation Centre
Floatation is a totally natrual, powerful stress relief therapy.
Colloidal Silver
An inexpensive and pure natural ingredient to remedy pain, eczema, acne, haemorrhoids and numerous other ailments.
Consencia Alternative Medicine for New Age religion
Consencia promotes the use of it's products to improve your health and well being. The science and art of medicine that was initially one, and then split into two, are now approaching reunion.
Constipation Home Remedies
Treatment and herbal home remedies cure for chronic constipation and pregnancy.
Cottage Craft Trading Company
Healthy bodies and Herbal remedies
Crystal Healing
I am a healer using crystal haling, reflexology, Reiki, aromatherapy, meditacao reflexologia, terapeutica aromatica,Chakras.
Crystal Reiki
Reiki and Huana Crystal Signature treatments for relaxation and healing in Gauteng, South Africa.
Crystals Healing Necklaces
The Most Powerful Spiritual Awakening Tool In the World.
Meditation, Qigong (Chi Gung), Taiji as alternate health skills, teachers and information for South Africa.
Diabecinn - Cinnamon Extract Capsules - The balance is in your hands
A cinnamon-based food supplement that may help reduce blood sugar levels in patients with pre-diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes.
Diffmark Herbals
Exclusive internet distributors of Herbal Africa and Natures Gift herbal and natural products.
Distant Healing
Healing from a distance and space clearing by Zena Jacobson, Cape Town.
Dithlare Medical Distribution
Suppliers of medical distribution, herbal products, medicine distributor, phytomedicine program and med herbal products.
Dr Auer's Base Powder
Natural remedy for acidity, gout, sore muscles, uric acid, joints, acne, cellulite.
Dr Eva Perez Homeopathy for children
Cape Town, Homeopathy for children practiced by a medical doctor working in the field of Paediatrics
Dr Rubens Rubydrops
A natural herbal cure for sinus and hayfever, 90% effective, no drugs or alcohol or other harmful substances. - The Site that Keeps You Going
Health and Beauty
Durban Chiropractor
Dr Roger Powell, Chiropractor. Sublaxation based - Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.
Earthlove Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy oils manufacturer and corporate massage.
Elemental Wellbeing - Five Element Acupuncture
Acupuncture: effective person centred treatment for infertility, stress, hayfever, depression, anxiety, menstrual problems, back pain, IBS & tension.
Elixir of Life
Empower yourself! Elixir for life will reduce cholestrol levels, destroy fat, reduce weight, lessen arthritis pain.
Emuphoria Pure Emu Oil
The Emuphoria natural range of products, all made from pure emu oil, aid in relieving arthritic pain, scarring, Chrons disease and ulceritive colitis, etc.
Energy Healing by Alan Gordon Davie
A well respected energy healer that lives in Cape Town. Energy healing is a non-touch form of healing.
Body. mind and soul activities in the Helderberg area of the Western Cape.
Essential Oil Online
A web interface for a leading South African essential oil dealers.
Essential Oils by Esoteric Oils (Pty) Ltd.
A huge selection of essential oils and lots of free information, tips, recipes, treatments etc.
Feelgood Health Pharmacy
Natural Remedies for Depression, Anxiety, PMS, Stress, ADHD and other Problems. Online Clinical Psychologist.
Feelgood Health
Natural herbal and homeopathic remedies for emotional and mental health. Registered clinical psychologist.
A natural hormone regulating and stimulating formula for male and female infertility.
A range of herbal & health supplements made in South Africa.
Galactic Minerals
We produce and market a 100% natural multimineral for human consumption.
Garuda Centre Hypnosis
Make personal change and grow, or solve problems.
Gateway SA
Alternative health products, beadwork and travel in South Africa.
Ginseng Direct
All you need to know about Ginseng.
Glenvista Holistic Health Institute
Alternative theraphy and medicine.
Global Herbal Products
A company that do primary research, manufacturing and marketing of unique herbal products manufactured from quality raw materials.
Glyconutrients South Africa
A page of natural health and nutrition.
Gold Scarab - Fine African Teas
Suppliers of premium quality Rooibos (Red Bush) teabag infusions, skin care products and African botanicals.
Golden Care Rewards
Professional private health care.
Good Vibration
Health Studio for whole family. We utilise SCIO - energy medicine for all your health concerns.
Greenlight Hypnosis
Hypnosis, hypnotherapy.
Guardian Angel
Natural treatment for HIV/Aids, Cancer and many more.
Habitat of Health
Frequency generators. Precise and stable frequencies with sine and square wave forms are digitally synthesized.
Haum Of Yoga
Place of community, yogic learning, wisdom, shopping and food. Classes. Organic Health Bar. Bookshop & Library. Yoga Paraphernalia.
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage and Kahuna massage healing in Cape Town South Africa. She also teaches Indian head massage, La stone therapy, pregnancy massage.
Healing by Design
South African student, Abri Theart, offering natural & alternative healing modalities.
Healing Touch
Reiki Master, Massages, Hypnotherapy.
Healing-Health South Africa
Ridding the body of toxic build-up, Desk-ercise, Put all your consciousness on the heart., cancer, athersclerosis,heart, heart attack,vitamin.
Health Blog
Online health blog for everyone.
Health Doctor
Homeopathic site offering cures for day to day ailments.
Health Farm
We have a range of health products to suite your needs. All purchases must be made online and we will arrange delivery.
Health Inc
An innovative health and wellness centre offering homeopathy, neurotherapy, psychotherapy and life coaching.
Health WakeUp Merger
Promote a healthy lifestyle for all with complementary health products covering nutrition, tissue cleansing, detoxification.
Health Watch
Health Care + Alternative Health
Integrating health into your lifestyle. Barleygreen
Information about purchasing Barleygreen in South Africa.
Healthy Choice
Herbal mixtures available. Reiki treatments as well as tuition on all levels offered.
Herbal & Homeopathic.
Heaven and Earth
Healing Therapies and Wellness Center, including Reiki, Crystal and Energy healing.
South African herbal products, natural health products.
Herbal cures and beauty products for the naturalist.
Herbes Naturis
Hand-blended natural organic veld herbs for cleansing and the relief of constipation, chronic bowel problems, spastic colons, herniated bowels, etc.
Holistic & SpiritualHealing
A range of modalities of alternative healing methods.
Holistic Health
Specializing in aromatherapy, reflexology and massage treatments.
Holotropic South Africa
Herbal teas, herbal supplements, bath products, petcare and tea tree products.
Home Colonics
A safe gentle irrigation and cleansing of the Colon.
Alternative and complimentary treatments for Cancer Patients.
Hoodia Gordonii From South Africa
Hoodia Gordonii powder and capsules at best prices on the net. Get you Hoodia Gordonii direct from the farms.
Hoodia Gordonii Spray Extract
Hoodia Gordonii powder and capsules at best prices on the net. Get you Hoodia Gordonii direct from the farms.
Hoodia Gordonii
Hoodia Gordonii appetite control and other wonderful natural herbal products from South Africa.
Hypnosis Studio
Helps clients use the power of their minds to help with emotional issues, sports performance, personal growth, eliminating bad habits.
Hypnotically Yours
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is the modality of choice in assisting people in reaching their goals: weight control, stop smoking and much more.
100% natural powerful immune system stabiliser.
Indigo Children
A community for the family and friends of indigo children.
We provide a service to companies, treating stress on site, using massage therapy and aromatherpy.
For all your information on the Inka Movement. This tradition opens the gateway to unconditional love self and humanity.
A range of care products with natural extracts from South Africa, including facial and cosmetic skin bars, anti-oxidant capsules, herbal teas.
Inner Healing
Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshop - Louise L. Hay - Experience this powerful 2 and 1/2 day workshop and 10 week group study course.
International Traditional Healer
African tradional remedies.
Ion Health
Water purification units.
Jireh GNLD, Grahamstown, South Africa
GNLD researches, manufactures and distributes world-class natural and organic nutrition, wellness, skincare and homecare consumer goods.
A South African company specializing in herbal healing, as well as herbal cosmetics.
Kanna, sceleitium tortuosum fermented, South Africa top quality.
Kinesiology Centre
Kinesiology traditionally means the study of body movement, in particular the study of how muscles act and coordinate to move the body.
Know Yourself
Tersia Theron is a counselor that specialises in holistic methods and is also a Reikie Master. She works and lives in Somerset West, South Africa.
Lao Kung
A classical Chinese health practise that utilises massage techniques, bonesetting, reflexology, moxibustion and martial arts.
Laser Liposac
A revolutionary treatment for the removal of excess fatty tissue in areas that are normally resistant to dieting and physical exercise.
Leonies Postural Integration and Alignment
Healing for chronic or persistent pain and medical conditions that defies diagnosis,awaken physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.
Libido Booster
Libdo with Horny Goat Weed is a Libido Booster, an effective natural treament for impotence, erectile dysfunction and erection problems.
Life Chiropractic Centre
Chiropractor Hendricks.
Life Coach
Helps you to achieve your goals and ambitions. We will release your potential commercially, personally and emotionally.
Linda Clarke
Use hypnotherapy to transform your life, self hypnosis CDs, dream interpretation, holistic life coaching.
Health and healing with alternative medicine.
Linzi's Studio
Linzi is a qualified teacher of Indian head massage. Workshops and reflexology treatments
Jevon Dangeli - Personal Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer and Reiki Master - empowers individuals.
Dedicated to health awareness inspired by Dr Hulda Clark and intent of distributing information on curing disease by removing parasites and pollutants.
Lora Grey
Massage therapy specialising in sports and injury massage, pregnancy massage and infant massage.
Lovebug Products
Amber teething necklace for babies.
Loving Touch
Ancient Hawaiian Massage
M & M Holistic Wellness Centre
Qualified nursing professionals and complimentary health practitioners will assist you to change your unhealthy lifestyle.
Mailstar Online Store
Supplies the full range of Maltiherb products to the end consumer.
Mango Yoga Products
Suppliers of yoga equipment, books, clothing, music and DVDs throughout Africa to wholesale and retail buyers.
Manual Nerve Release
Anette Lordan is a manual nerve release therapist who opened up a manual nerve release clinic in South Africa in 2005.
Mark's Sports Therapy and Hyperbaric Centre
Free standing hyperbaric oxygen clinic.
Marrakech on 7th
Wellness centre in Parktown North.
Massage Dynamics
Massage baby infant courses, colic sleep irregularity sports pregnancy injuries injury prevention recovery corporate stress relief.
Medico Herbs Respir-eze
Natural remedy for chest, respiratory, upper and lower, asthma, coughs, hay fever, allergies, congestion, loosen phlegm.
Metamorphosis Therapy
A gentle, non-invasive, self-healing therapy.
Mind Over Matter
The ultimate hypnotherapy site in South Africa
Need assistance to deal with depressions, panic attacks, weight loss, stop smoking or stress? You want an experienced, qualified and caring therapist.
Miracle Comfrey
The miracle herb that treats a 101 ailments.
Moon Makeover in Three Months
A natural health book sharing how determination to deal with the ageing process led to a holistic health programme centred on the digestive system.
An alternative to tampons and towels. A menstrual cup now available in South Africa!
E-zine connecting your body, mind, & soul. We list among others alternative healers, workshops, health & book shops, and other resources.
Multimin Immune Booster
The efficient way to supplement Zinc and without exception, every single body needs Zinc.
An alternative natural drug free hay fever and sinusitis treatment.
A range of natural health products.
Natural products.
Natural health and ozone clinic.
Natura Homeopathic Laboratories
A pharmaceutical listed company providing natural remedies and cures as well as homeopathic products and medicines for alternative health solutions.
Natural Balance
Luxury mobile massage plus private studio.
Natural Remedies for HIV AIDS
An alternative way to heal yourself.
Nature's Dispensary
Homeopathy and Natural Healing
Nature's Health Products
We protect you health, naturally. Natural health products.
Alternative herbal health supplements and beauty products.
Natures Defence
Produces and distributes natural, organic propolis and honey products for health and beauty purposes.
Naturopathy is a form of Natural Medicine encompassing Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Mineral Therapy, Massage, Iridology, Flower Essences.
nHance Pheromone Products
Manufacturer and exporter of Enhance pure pheromones and pheromone products - mix your own pheromone compounds to sell under your label.
No Pain
Rapid relief of muscular and joint pain using natural herbs.
Shark Cartilage in South Africa - Discover a wealth of information on the astonishing therapeutic effects of this dynamic, entirely natural nutrient for humans and animals.
Nuad Traditional Thai Massage
This type of massage has been practiced in Thailand for thousands of years as a method of healing.
Resource site fot Nutritherapy cc supllying information regarding nutritional products and alternative therapies
Optimum Wellness
Offers natural health solutions via SCIO biofeedback, nutritional consultation and reflexology.
organic products
Sell organic,tea ,seed,herbs,and spices
Orgonise Africa
South Africa's first Orgone Website.
Oxigen Bio Boost
Enhanced vitamin formulation.
Oxygenate Your Way To Perfect Health!
Oxygen will treat, heal, eradicate and cure most illnesses and diseases.
Ozone 3 Healing Gel
A unique blend of pure medical ozone and olive oil to alleviate a large number of skin ailments.
Ozone Lifestyle Centre
Ozone Sauna Treatment has amazing healing benefits for the body detox, boost the immune system, help with lifestyle diseases like cancer and diabetes.
Parceval Pharmaceuticals
Herbal medicine, Natural products, we also specialize in plants and extracts indigenous to Southern Africa e.g. Pelargonium sidoides.
Bio-Feedback, SCIO/QXCI is a non-invasive therapeuthic technology that energetically scans and harmonises the body’s stresses and imbalances.
Pegasus Homeopathics
All-in-one homeopathic treatment kits make homeopathy easy and safe for the layman. includes vital first-aid style kit, surgery kit, malaria kit.
Penni's Divine-Space
An international teacher on transformational healing.
The Global challenge site for people who are looking for health and wealth. Money back guarantee programs for weight gain or loss.
Phend Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd - Natural Medical Products
Providing natural medical products and solutions that meet the needs of allergies, disease and other serious conditions - eczema, psoriasis, sinusitus, cervical dysplasia, genital warts, vaginal infections
Herbalism introduces internally and externally substances which will build the body up, restore it and strengthen natural defences.
Platinum Lifestyle - 100% Natural
Aromaticum and Body Detox contains herbs to clean the colon, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and control parasites.
Pranic Healing
A non touch energy healing. Pranic Healers work on the energy body (aura) and the energy points on the aura (chakras).
Prime Pharma South Africa
Food additives, pharmaceutical and natural raw materials.
Proherb - Nature Mix
Alternative herbal remedies.
Pure Cure CC
Our in-depth research on Ayurveda ensures that our products are true to the Ayurvedic tradition. They are made solely from herbs, dried flowers, roots, barks, and seeds.
Pure Sense
We market natural and eco friendly quality products - skin care and beauty, health, and home.
Q2 South Africa
Quantum healing water energy spa.
Radionics is dedicated to the holistic approach of treating the energetic mind and body.
Rare Earth Incense
Wholesale Ayurvedic, Zen and Classic pure essential oil incense.
Rave Soul
Reiki, healing, chakra, aura, new age, new age music, psy trance.
Reflexions Health
Thai yoga massage, the perfect finish to your workout routine.
South Africas leading complimentary tharapist, specializing in reflexology, indian head and neck massage, hopi ear candles.
Reflexology 2000
Reflexology can help for a number of problems - find out here.
Reiki Master
Reiki courses and therapies available. Clairvoyant advice and various healing modalities offered. Information on Reiki.
Reiki Zone
Reiki energy healing.
Energy healing to promote general well-being of body, mind and soul.
Rescue Bracelet - natural health through energy therapy
Learn more about the Rescue Bracelet, the natural way to good health through energy therapy. Read testimonials and order online!
Rife Resonator
Drugless alternative to health and welfare.
RoDis Nutriceuticals
Natural supplements and other products.
Ruth's Yoga Centre
Yoga teacher with 26 years experience.
Santjie Marx Produkte
Vervaardiger en verspreider van die Afrika Aartapel produkte.
SarahK's Wholistic Healing
Holistic Healing, Therapy and Courses.
Satyam Yoga Centre
Yoga in South Africa, yoga therapy, massage, asana, meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra, relaxation, breathing techniques, stretch exercise, spirituality, self analysis
School of Hand & Foot Reflexology
Hand and foot reflexology.
A biopharmaceutical company specializing in the extraction of secondary metabolites from natural cells.
A sanctuary for mind body and soul.
Shiatsu massage therapy
Oriental health massage for stress relief & relaxation
Shiatsu South Africa
Quality Shiatsu Education and Practitioners.
Silver ion generators for the 21st century. Electro colloidal silver production.
Sinus Relief Spray
Sinus relief, natural herbal remedy for hay fever, allergies, sneezing, sinusitis, catarrh, respiratory tonic, Medi-Herb.
Sivananda School of Yoga
Set in a beautiful garden in Parkview, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa is a non-profit organization offering classes.
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