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Friday, 19th April 2019

Skaap Wors recipe

Do you happen to have a couple of sheep handy and want to make the most of all the meat? Try making good ol' traditional skaap wors. A great and easy recipe kindly posted on our forum.


5kg mutton cubed
3 ml dried thyme
3ml dried sage
5ml grated nutmeg
5ml grated nutmeg
5ml ground allspice
15ml salt
10ml freshly ground black pepper
250ml sweet Muscadel wine

Instructions on how to make it

Mix all the ingredients together and mince. grill a little of the mixture in a small frying pan; then taste and, if too few herbs have been used, add more. Fill the mutton casings with meat and link sauges every 150 mm . Hang in a cool daughty place to enable it to be wind-dried . Grill in a pan or over coals.